Granite countertops The ultimate kitchen or bathroom remodel for beauty quality and durability

Granite countertops The ultimate kitchen or bathroom remodel for beauty quality and durability

All homeowners who plan a kitchen or bathroom model just want the best. Unfortunately the majority can not afford the best of every kitchen or bathroom component thus deciding to prioritize which components to lower large dollars and what components to slip. A general rule about kitchens is the features that will get the heaviest use are the things that the homeowner should not shine on.

Table tops and appliances are of course the heaviest use and should never be overlooked. The most prominent feature that attracts the most attention in the kitchen is always the countertop. There is almost an endless selection of sizes shapes colors and materials to choose from when countertops are involved.

Some materials although available should not be used in a kitchen counter. The most durable of all materials for use in the kitchen is granite and constructed stone or quartz. Below are sun resistant countertops available under several different brands and then laminate at the bottom.

Laminate worktops are the most common throughout the nation. Most builders install countertops because of their low price point and ease of working in place with the material. For the most part laminate benches are very limited in character and style. While the overall durability is passable the laminate bench does not approach the beauty longevity or durability of natural or constructed stone.

Granite is the premier material for kitchen and bathroom applications. Forms style and finish vary and can be changed to the homeowners wishes. There is an almost unlimited variety of colors and granite choices due to being 100 percent natural stone. Granite is naturally resistant to stain heat scratches and other stains. No two granite worktops are the same throughout the world. This is not the reason for the higher price point.

Extraction of granite from quarry is a complex and dangerous task that requires the use of explosives industrial cranes and cutting machines. Granite stone requires highly skilled craftsmen to shape and safely handle granite or any other natural stone. In addition to diamonds sapphires topaz and rubies which are very impractical for use in a kitchen no other material is more difficult than granite. For this reason high quality industrial processing is necessary to cut and work with the granite. After all it is surprising that the installation cost per foot is as cheap as it is.

Shaped stone or quartz countertops are another favorite for use in kitchens. Quartz is an important ingredient in granite and therefore shares the same durability and long life as granite tiles are known to have. The differences between granite and constructed stone are negligible and should not affect any decision making process.

Solid countertops are strictly synthetic synthetic materials with some natural elements integrated and are about the same price for granite worktops for installation. Hard standing worktops are not as difficult as granite and can therefore be relieved or scratched. When these unintentional stains occur they can be grinded and buffered with relative relief unlike granite or patterned stone slabs.

There are many other natural stone materials of which marble limestone and onyx are some but these stone materials are more suitable for bathroom applications or fireplaces and mantles. Any material used for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade be sure to pay attention to the suppliers maintenance instructions to ensure that the materials beauty will last for several decades.

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